Ride to Tom’s Farm
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Corona and Lake Elsinore

Spring is here. Who says we do not have all four seasons here? It was a beautiful day, and a Sunday, so that meant it was time to meet my son for our weekly ride. This week we rode out to Tom’s Farm in Corona. Never been there before, but it seems to be a pretty popular hangout for bikers on Sundays. Daniel, Edson and I took a little ride over to Lake Elsinore to take a couple pictures since the first time Daniel and I tried a picture by the lake, we were not very successful. I like today’s results.
’Toms ’Toms ’Inland
’Toms ’Toms ’photos’
’photos’ ’Toms ’Sunday
’Toms ’photos’ ’Sunday
’Toms ’photos’ ’Sunday

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