End of Movember

Well, it has been fun, but this is never happening again. This is the last day of Movember, so while many of my friends will be shaving tomorrow (or tonight), I will be throwing all my shaving supplies away. Never again will a blade touch this face. Anyway, if you would like to donate on behalf of my efforts this month, donations are still being accepted at Movember.com. My photo of the day for this last day of Movember is of my moustache, after 30 days of growth. I do have a Movember gala to go to Friday evening, so …

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Fall Has Fallen

When I look around the neighborhood, it becomes pretty clear that winter is almost here. The leaves have changed colors and have now fallen from the trees. My photo of the day for the 333rd day of 2010 is of one of the neighborhood trees after the leaves fell.


I have mentioned to Tanya that many of her photos are artsy, and that is a skill I do not really feel I have. Yesterday, while walking Buddy I saw a couple of opportunities to try and become more artistic. Unfortunately, I only had my point and shoot and the sun was quite bright, so it made it difficult to see what I was shooting. My photo of the day for day 332 is my attempt at art.

Back On the Road

Regular readers may recall that around Labor Day I was complaining about being in a lot of pain. Shortly after that I left for Europe for a few weeks. After I got home I eventually saw a doctor that treated my problem rather than my symptom. In a nutshell, I was not able to do any significant motorcycle riding since the beginning of September! That is forever in my book. Saturday ended that streak. My picture of the day for Saturday is of me at a gas stop after a couple hundred miles of riding. It sure is nice to …

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50,000 Miles

I remember flying to Tanya’s for the 4th of July 2009, and that my odometer on the Charger had turned 33,333 miles. The number stuck in my mind because I remember odd things like that, and it was about half of what Tanya had on her Charger, which she purchased a few months after me. In the first 3.5 years I averaged about 775 miles a month. In the last 16 months I have averaged almost 1,050 miles a month. Considering I do not drive to work, and I was in Europe for at least a month of that, that …

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Photos of a Southern California Day

Saturday Afternoon Ride Escondido to Seal Beach, CA It has been a long time since I went on a decent bike ride, so I was more than due for today’s ride. My friend Phil wanted to come along, but he only wanted to do a short ride to Cook’s Corner, about 50 miles from here. I rode my Limited and he was on his Glide. As soon as we got off the freeway he suggested we go to Stone Brewery instead. I was not real happy the last time we went there, but since it was 50 miles further I …

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Photos From the High Desert

Desert Riding on Black Friday Spangler Camp – Cantil, CA It is Black Friday and the last thing I want to do is go shopping. Fortunately, some friends of mine went out to the desert to go dirt bike riding and invited me to come on out. I did not really take a lot of convincing. I loaded up the Charger with Buddy and my Canon and headed north on CA Hwy 14 out past Mojave to Cantil and an area known to the desert bike riders as Spangler Camp. It was sunny but brisk, but nothing a campfire or …

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Happy Thanksgiving

I am not quite sure why it is that people presume the first Thanksgiving Day feast consisted of turkey and all the trimmings. The original account only suggests that hunters went out looking for fowl. It does not mention if they were successful or not, or what kind of fowl they were hunting. I guess it just makes for a nice story. Personally, I figure that since they were close to the ocean, there is more likelihood of seafood being on the table than a turkey, but no one knows for sure. I decided that my Thanksgiving meal would consist …

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I do not believe I have ever owned a dog as loyal as Buddy. He can be very subtle about it and he can be very obvious about it. It all depends on what the situation warrants. My photo of the day for the day before Thanksgiving is of Buddy as he waits for my signal to continue walking. I have to say, I really enjoy taking him out on walks and trips. He is a pleasurable animal to hang with.

Sunny Tuesday

There is not much question that it is fall around here. I don’t mean frost on the pumpkins fall, but pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings. I would prefer if it was a little warmer, but at least it is not flyover state cold. My picture of the day for Tuesday is of Buddy thoroughly enjoying himself on our morning walk. It is good to see that his visit to the vet accomplished our goal. No more itching!

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