Once a week

I have to be honest with myself and admit there is no way I am ever going to update Project365 every day. If I update weekly, then I can put up other pictures and videos that I have not had time for. Let’s try that. Thursday, I headed over to sign my tax returns to get e-filed. It was sunny out, so I took the Night Train. Turned out it was a lot colder than it looked. Day 83. Friday I got a new memory card for my backup camera. Since it was nice out, Buddy and I went outside …

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From Russia with love

I wonder if I fell asleep and woke up in a different month or something. It is actually nice out. It seems like it has been forever since I was able to do my morning walk sans a jacket or sweatshirt. I am not complaining though. My photo of the day for day 82 of Project365 shows off the new shirt my brother brought me back from Kiev.

Day 81 of Project365

It is cold and overcast, but at least it is somewhat dry, so can not complain about that. I was told it is supposed to rain all week. Hopefully they meant somewhere else. My photo of the day for day 81 of Project365.

Our drought is over

I am declaring California’s drought as being officially over. There is no way that we can still be short of water. I found it amusing when I was driving up I-5 the other day, through the San Joaquin Valley. There were several signs protesting the “Congress Caused Dust Bowl.” During the summer, they made sense. The other day they were surrounded by lush, green fields and ponds. Not very dusty. My photo of the day for day 80 of Project365 is my reflection in a wannabe pond.

Spring is here

I have to admit, if it were not for Facebook, I doubt I would have realized that today was the first day of Spring. If you will recall, at the beginning of March I mentioned how March usually comes in like a lion and ends like a lamb. Well, I think things got twisted around, because there is nothing lamb-like about the end of this month. My photo of the day for day 79 of Project365 shows what a dark and rainy morning we had for the first day of Spring 2011.


I was looking at this photo and considered deleting it. Then I looked a little closer and decided that it really was pretty appropriate for the day. Kind of gloomy out. I guess all the radiation in the air is messing with our weather. It is always something. Day 78 of Project365.

That was a long day

I am not sure about this daylight savings time thing. Let there be no question, I love DST, but for some reason ever since it started I have been waking up at 7:00 at the latest. I was a 8:00 guy before the time change. Something does not add up. It makes days like yesterday seem very long. Day 77 of Project365.

St. Patrick’s Day in The City

I was thinking back, and I am sad to say that I am not sure that I have ever spent St. Patrick’s Day in San Francisco. I suppose I must have since I was born there, but I sure do not recall ever going there when I was an adult. The funny thing is, I did not even have a Guinness today, although I did have a couple last night. Oh well, guess I am growing up. My photo of the day for Project365 on St. Patrick’s Day.

Hotel Beresford

I drove up to San Francisco to participate in a protest put on by the Free Speech Coalition. Since my first protest was done in San Francisco around 1968, it kind of made sense that I would end up here for one of the last I will likely participate in. My photo of the day for day 75 of Project365 was taken in my room at the Beresford Hotel on Sutter. The location is good, but their Internet sucks, if that is important to you.

Beware the Ides of March

While I may not have gotten stabbed, like Julius Caesar, the Ides of March were not very kind to me. Had taxes to pay, returns to get filed, and Tanya went home. Pretty much a trifecta. I had to go drown my sorrows in Gu Gu Sushi. My picture of the day for day 74 of Project365 is of Tanya and I as we prepared to leave for the airport.

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