Photos From Sequoia National Park

Ride to Sequoia National Park [adrotate group=”6″] Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains Since it is Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take an extended Sunday ride this week. I loaded up the Limited with my Canon and laptop and headed back to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I initially intended to head up the 395, but since I was there a couple of weeks ago, I decided to veer to the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountains and go to Sequoia National Park instead. I need more time there, so I will return again with Geek Good Girl. Enjoy the photos. …

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Photos From the Virgin River Gorge

Virgin River Gorge Photos [adrotate group=”6″] Northwest Arizona I have frequently driven up I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge, and it is always breathtaking. Most of the time I have been on a motorcycle and when the canyon walls begin to tower over you it is majestic. I have never been able to stop and take photos primarily because all the cool turnoffs seem to be just around the bend, and I never really felt comfortable slamming on the brakes to stop at one. This time I had a definite plan so I adjusted my speed accordingly. I read that …

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Photos of Littlefield Cemetery in Arizona

Littlefield Cemetery [adrotate group=”6″] Photos from Littlefield, AZ When you travel north on Interstate 15 out of Nevada, you cut through a small slice of Arizona before you hit Utah. Although this slice of AZ is very thin, it really does have some remarkable scenery. Tanya and I both enjoy visiting old cemeteries, so when we spotted this gem outside of Littlefield, we did not hesitate to pull off to investigate. As you can see, it was worth the stop. [adrotate group=”1″]

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