Asperatus and storm clouds

The other day, someone made a comment about a photo I had posted on Google+. It was of a cloud formation that I had seen in North Dakota or Montana. They informed me that the photo was of the newly named Asperatus variety. She sent me a link to a Youtube video and a website that is all about cloud appreciation. I was surprised that the clouds were something new because I saw them all across the country when I was following storms. I soon recognized that when I saw them, some very foul weather was to follow. I noticed …

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Cody and the Buffalo Bill Dam

We ended day four and began day five in Cody, WY. On the way to the Cody Rodeo the night before, we noticed what looked like an old frontier town in the fields between Cody and Stampede Park. We decided to check it out the next morning. It turned out being the Old Trail Town which was the original townsite of Cody, which was named after William F. (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody. If you are into Old West artifacts, you will definitely appreciate a stop by Old Trail Town. After leaving the city limits and heading into the mountains we came …

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Photos from the Beartooth Mountains and Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

After leaving Red Lodge we headed on towards the Beartooth Mountains. Since I had not been driving and had never visited this part of the country, I believed my cousin when he told me we were in the Tetons. It wasn’t until that night, when I brought out a map that I realized where we really were. Shortly after crossing the border into Wyoming we found ourselves on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. There was no question that as far as scenery was concerned, our trip had just been bumped up a couple levels. A viewing tip; try using the …

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Little Big Horn and Red Lodge Ales

Day four of our journey began in Miles City and a beautiful morning. The storm clouds looked fantastic and made for great photos. As we headed across on I-94 I spotted a sign for the Little Big Horn battleground, so we made our first detour of the day. The signs were not very accurate, but due to another u-turn we soon came upon it. One thing my cousin and I both noticed was how solemn people seemed to be there. As we came into Billings my cousin asked if I had even been inside a Cabela’s Sporting Goods store. As …

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Sights along I-94 in North Dakota and into Montana

Day three of our road trip found us in Fargo, ND. I have to admit, my preconceptions of North Dakota were completely off base. For some reason I expected ND to be flat and treeless (was told the state tree was the telephone pole). It was actually a very picturesque state with rolling hills. There were tornadoes and thunderstorms in the area so we naturally took time to photograph the cloud formations. Along the way we stopped at Frontier Village and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We crossed over into Montana at days end and spent the night in Miles City. …

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Photos from Route 66, Missouri

These photos were taken on Route 66 in Missouri. This was on the way to Joplin, MO. I entered St Louis in the late afternoon, so it was not an ideal time to tour. I did find Jellystone Park though, so I had to make a quick stop. I wanted to find some local cuisine and a billboard directed me to Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q in Cuba, MO. Great food. Right next door was a newly renovated Wagon Wheel Motel, so I walked over there and got a room. Would have been better if Tanya was with me though. She would …

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Photos from Central Illinois

These photos were taken over the course of two days in Central Illinois. The first day I was attempting to get to Joplin, MO but I got a late start. Since there were many severe storms in both Illinois and Missouri I did not want to drive after dark. I have already experienced tornadoes at night and they are not very photogenic. When I got close to Illiopolis I had my GPS find somewhere to eat. The first place that came up was Uncle Monkey’s Bar & Grill. I admit, when I pulled up I fully expected that I would …

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Photos from Springfield, IL

After crossing the Mississippi, we were in Illinois and within range of Tanya’s home, which I planned on using as a base of operation for the next week or so. We stopped at the Shake & Shake for a quick meal, then headed on to Indiana since it was now to dark to do much in the way of photography. These photos were taken in the Springfield, IL area. Back to Springfield Photos Back to Springfield Photos

Photos from Meramec Caverns

After what can only be described as a thrilling evening in the Ozarks and southern Missouri, we spent the night in Lebanon, MO. We had found weather or it had found us, I am not sure. The first six photos in this set were taken within ninety seconds. Finding foul weather was going to be easier it seemed. A few miles east of Lebanon was Stanton, home of the Meramec Caverns. I had no idea what to expect, so I asked Tanya to Google it for me. She said it looked like some caves, but had a nice river to …

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Photos from Central Oklahoma and Tulsa

Leaving New Mexico, we blasted through Texas and into Oklahoma. The panhandle of TX was very dry with many warnings of wildfires. At one point we were leaving Amarillo and noticed a little smoke in a small patch of grass. Within seconds they had a full fledged fire. They could definitely use some rain, which so far, seemed to be avoiding me like the plague. The beginning photos were taken at various stops in Oklahoma on my way east. The photos at Ruby Tuesday and beyond were taken in Tulsa on my home. Back to Oklahoma Photos Back to Oklahoma …

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