These photos were taken over the course of two days in Central Illinois. The first day I was attempting to get to Joplin, MO but I got a late start. Since there were many severe storms in both Illinois and Missouri I did not want to drive after dark. I have already experienced tornadoes at night and they are not very photogenic. When I got close to Illiopolis I had my GPS find somewhere to eat. The first place that came up was Uncle Monkey’s Bar & Grill. I admit, when I pulled up I fully expected that I would be going in strictly to ask for a real restaurant. It turns out that this place has great, homemade Chinese food. If I am ever in that part of Illinois again I will definitely go back for seconds.

Additionally, when the bartender/waitress (sorry, I forgot her name. Jen sticks in my mind though) found out I was going to Joplin, she asked if I could drop off some blankets and other goods she had collected for the tornado victims. In case she is reading this, they were delivered.

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