June 2010 Picture of the Day Collection

Picture a Day, Project 365 [adrotate group=”6″] June 2010 Photos Is it just me, or is this year flying by? June had Tanya come out for a visit as we had a trade show in Las Vegas. We took advantage of the situation and rode my new Limited out there. It was a very hot ride. The rest of the month was pretty much kept local. July is my favorite month of the year, due entirely to the 4th of July and my fondness for things that go boom in the night. I am looking forward to it. [adrotate group=”1″]

This Is the End

Unfortunately, it is going to have to be put on hold for a while as I am leaving for a bit and did not feel like buying a bunch of veggies, only to have them go bad while I was gone. Day 181, the last day of June. Here in Southern California, at least by the beach, it is not very sunny in the month of June. In fact, I remember as a kid they used to shoot fireworks off the Redondo Beach barge for the 4th of July and it was constantly rescheduled for a couple weeks later because …

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More picture of the day shots

Even though my cameras seem to want to mess with me, I am keeping up with the picture a day concept. Here are my latest contributions. As you may have noticed, I take pictures of my food before I eat it. On day 176 my picture of the day was of Buddy’s food, while he was eating it. Day 177 was Saturday, and I typically stick around home so Tanya can have the day off. Buddy and I played around with the Canon. I think he is learning to deal with the constant click of the cameras around here. Day …

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Picture of the Day Catch Up

As mentioned before, I am not really inclined to post these pictures daily, so today will be one of my catch up days for my picture a day project. Day 173 was pretty uneventful, so nothing really to photograph. I took this on my night walk with Buddy. Day 174 I got the car washed and my assistant brought her car over to be detailed. Juan does great work. If you live in the South Bay and want a recommendation for a car detailer, let me know. Today is Day 175. I received some special chocolate from a friend that …

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Day 172 Picture of the Day

I guess it is pretty bad when I can not come up with an interesting title, but there you go. I think part of it is that I committed to this but I do not want to be. I think it is safe to say I will not be doing this on 2011. My picture of the day is of Buddy getting a dental treat. He loves them.

Do nothing day

Plans fell apart early today so I decided to say screw it and do nothing. Buddy was pretty happy to see that. We played fetch and he let me take some pictures of him. Day 171 picture of the day is the last shot of the day.

Graduation Day

Today, my daughter-in-law graduated with an MBA. Since seating was extremely limited, I was unable to attend the ceremony but met up with friends and family at an eatery later to celebrate. Day 170 picture of the day is my daughter-in-law with one of her friends at the party.

Hard Rock Hotel asked for free advertising

Last week I was in Las Vegas for a trade show that was being held at the Hard Rock Hotel. While I have a place in Vegas, my girlfriend likes the pillows at the Hard Rock so when business calls me to Vegas and the event is held at the Hard Rock Hotel, we opt to stay there rather than a mile away at my place. Within a couple days of my arrival, I received an email from their “media specialist” who had seen links to one of my other blogs on several other websites. He wanted me to “spread …

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Lost and Found

Back in April, Tanya bought Buddy a bandanna at a Harley shop in Utah. Buddy loves wearing it. I take it off him every night and he comes up to have me put it on every morning. He feels special with it, I guess. Last night, when I went to remove it, it was not there. There were only two possibilities. Either he lost it in the back yard when I put him back there after our walk . . . or he lost it on the walk. A quick walk through the yard made it clear it was somewhere …

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Lakers Win!

Yes, you may have heard that the Lakers beat the Celtics in game 7 of the NBA championship series. As a native Californian I have grown up realizing that with LA teams, it really is not over until it is over. As far as I am concerned, this game was not secured until Sasha Vujacic stepped up to sink two free throws with only 11.7 seconds to play. The Lakers’ two point lead was suddenly four, and the final nail was in the Celtics’ coffin. My picture of the day number 168 features Sasha Vujacic as he is at the …

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