Last week I was in Las Vegas for a trade show that was being held at the Hard Rock Hotel. While I have a place in Vegas, my girlfriend likes the pillows at the Hard Rock so when business calls me to Vegas and the event is held at the Hard Rock Hotel, we opt to stay there rather than a mile away at my place. Within a couple days of my arrival, I received an email from their “media specialist” who had seen links to one of my other blogs on several other websites. He wanted me to “spread the word” about their hotel and casino. When I responded with an extremely reasonable request in exchange for this promotion, it was ignored. I guess the only good publicity is free publicity. Well, now they will get that.

On Saturday, as I was unpacking, I realized that in my haste to get back home I left some items in the closet of the hotel room. These items were a pair of slacks with a belt, a dress shirt, three ties and a tie clasp. I immediately called the Hard Rock’s Lost and Found Department and sure enough, they had my items. I gave them my contact info and address and was told to call back on Monday, June 14 to find out when the items would be sent out and by what means. I told them I did not have a problem covering the costs for the return of my property. Monday morning I was told that the items would go out later that day or Tuesday. I was appreciative and prepared to give the Hard Rock Hotel the advertising they requested.

Wednesday morning I received a package from the Hard Rock. I was surprised when I opened the package. While the slacks, shirt and ties were enclosed, the belt and tie clasp were missing. I suppose it is possible that the tie clasp broke and fell off the tie as they moved the tie from the coat hanger it was on to the bag they put it in, but it is impossible for the belt to just fall off. With both items missing, there is no question that someone decided that they could use the belt and tie clasp. I can only guess that they did not appreciate my taste in ties as each of them had more value than the items they decided to keep.

After making the post on my blog, I shared it on my Facebook account. It was then that the plot thickened. Within a few hours of my posting about it on Facebook, I began hearing of multiple instances of credit card theft happening to people attending our conference. Between four and six people have said that their credit cards compromised! I guess some people think that it is easier to hit a conference than individuals as many people use expense accounts, so less likelihood of it being noticed. Of course, that is just speculation. However, I know that my property was stolen, not lost. I do know that there are several people from our group that are suggesting their credit card numbers were compromised. To me, where there is smoke there is a good chance that there is a fire.

So, pursuant to James Cooley’s request, I will spread the word about the Hard Rock Hotel. That word is to make sure you check your credit card closely after staying there. Also, make sure you check your room three times before leaving and there seems to be a 50-50 chance of you recovering your property should you mistakenly leave it behind.

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