Photos from Route 66, Missouri

These photos were taken on Route 66 in Missouri. This was on the way to Joplin, MO. I entered St Louis in the late afternoon, so it was not an ideal time to tour. I did find Jellystone Park though, so I had to make a quick stop. I wanted to find some local cuisine and a billboard directed me to Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q in Cuba, MO. Great food. Right next door was a newly renovated Wagon Wheel Motel, so I walked over there and got a room. Would have been better if Tanya was with me though. She would …

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Photos from Central Illinois

These photos were taken over the course of two days in Central Illinois. The first day I was attempting to get to Joplin, MO but I got a late start. Since there were many severe storms in both Illinois and Missouri I did not want to drive after dark. I have already experienced tornadoes at night and they are not very photogenic. When I got close to Illiopolis I had my GPS find somewhere to eat. The first place that came up was Uncle Monkey’s Bar & Grill. I admit, when I pulled up I fully expected that I would …

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Fine dining around Valpo

These photos are from dining establishments in and around Valparaiso, IN. Next week will mark four years that I have been a regular visitor to Valpo. When I first started coming here I used to think that I would have to go to Chicago to get a decent meal. Steak ’n Shake and Bob Evans were not exactly my idea of fine dining. I eventually found a couple places that would satisfy my culinary desires, but even Cracker Barrel can only go so far. During my most recent visit to Indiana I did more exploring and discovered that there are …

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Photos of Valparaiso, IN

These photos were taken over a few days in the last month or so. I seem to keep returning before I can get all my photos up. Anyway, these are primarily in the downtown Valpo area. One evening we happened to be there when they were having a movie night, with ’How To Train a Dragon’ being featured. It was a little cooler than people are used to at that time of year, but it still had a good turn out. Back to Valpo Photos Back to Valpo Photos

Photos from a day in Kentucky

These photos are from a day in Kentucky, specifically, Bullitt County, the Jim Beam Distillery and Bardstown. As my regular readers have probably figured out, when Tanya and I travel together we are frequently distracted. It is less than 300 miles from Valparaiso, IN to Louisville, KY and we barely made it there in a day. As it turned out, my cousin had to make a run up into Indiana so we had some time to kill. When I saw a sign advertising that we were close to the Jim Beam Distillery, it was clear that another detour was coming …

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Photos from Tippecanoe and Battle Ground, too

These photos are from Battle Ground, IN and the Tippecanoe battle field. One day, while visiting Indiana, I decided to try and meet up with a cousin that lives in Tennessee. We had not seen each other in close to 40 years, and since we were on the same side of the Mississippi River, I figured it was worth a try. Tanya, Buddy and I got in the Charger and headed south. A couple of hours later we came upon a sign that suggested we were close to Battle Ground and Tippecanoe. Since I can not resist visiting historical sites, …

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Flag Day 2011, Valparaiso, IN

It is Flag Day and I am still in Valparaiso, IN. Tanya informed me that there was a replica of one of our nation’s first official flags being displayed at the Porter County Courthouse, so I took a drive over there to take some photos. I have to admit, I always thought that the first flag had the 13 stars in a circle, but apparently that is not the case. I also thought that the stars had 5 points, but this flag’s stars has 6. After researching this, I discovered that there is some debate as to which way was …

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Photos from New Buffalo and Warren Dunes, MI

These photos were taken over the course of two days I spent driving around Lake Michigan, in Michigan. After exploring Indiana Dunes I continued on to MI and came to New Buffalo and Warren Dunes State Park. While it was extremely windy and not much of a beach day, Buddy did not seem to mind. He could not get enough of the Warren Dunes State Park. He had so much fun, we had to come back a second day with Tanya. Back to Michigan Photos Back to Michigan Photos

Photos from Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan

These are photos from Indiana Dunes and the Lake Michigan shoreline in Indiana. After arriving in Indiana I had to take care of some issues with my laptop (the reason these photos were not put up on the day they were taken). Since I had some time to kill, I decided to take a drive up to Lake Michigan and explore Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Back to Indiana Dunes Photos Back to Indiana Dunes Photos

Dining in Valparaiso, IN

When I visit Tanya in Valparaiso, there are a couple of restaurants I try to always make time to visit. My favorite restaurant in Valpo has to be Don Quijote Spanish Restaurante. We discovered this gem due to a billboard on the highway claiming it was the only Spanish restaurant in Indiana. I guess a second Spanish restaurant has opened in Indy, so they will have to settle for being the first and, most likely, the best. Elena, one of the owners is very friendly and seems to always hire friendly people as servers. We always enjoy ourselves and having …

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