When I visit Tanya in Valparaiso, there are a couple of restaurants I try to always make time to visit. My favorite restaurant in Valpo has to be Don Quijote Spanish Restaurante. We discovered this gem due to a billboard on the highway claiming it was the only Spanish restaurant in Indiana. I guess a second Spanish restaurant has opened in Indy, so they will have to settle for being the first and, most likely, the best. Elena, one of the owners is very friendly and seems to always hire friendly people as servers. We always enjoy ourselves and having visited Spain twice, I think their food is quite authentic.

Another place I enjoy is the Longhorn Steakhouse in Merrillville. I usually get their filet mignon and lobster combo with a Margarita. I can not believe I am saying this, but their lobster is always good. This time I did something different and did chicken. It was okay. We also visited Pestos in Valparaiso. They catered a charity bash for one of Tanya’s cousins, so I figured one good deed deserves another, and I brought them some business.

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