A Gu Gu Sushi Milestone

It is no secret that my favorite place to get sushi is at Gu Gu Sushi & Roll in Hermosa Beach. I have been dining there for almost two years, and have yet to leave disappointed. In fact, one of the things I enjoy the most about Gu Gu, is that it really does not matter what I order, I know it is going to be good. Gu Gu has close to 200 various rolls and sashimi available. They have multiple menus and I decided I wanted to try every roll they offered, so I took one of their menus …

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If you follow my adventures enough to be looking at these specific words, you probably picked up on the fact that I am a huge fan of Gu Gu Sushi & Roll, in Hermosa Beach, CA. I have introduced people from around the globe to this sushi goodness. No one has ever left disappointed. This can be attributed to a fantastic menu, the freshest ingredients, and two great chefs. I recently discovered that one of the two, Alex, has turned in his two weeks notice. He asked me to come in one last time before he left. Two friends and …

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Ever Changing

I had not been to Gu Gu Sushi in a couple of weeks for some unexplainable reason, so Catherine (my long time friend and assistant) went out last night to celebrate her birthday. Luckily, we both enjoy Gu Gu’s sushi. My picture of the day for Friday is the latest version of the gotbaddog.com roll. The original version was quite timely to prepare, so Song has been modifying it as he goes along. This is actually a great dish for someone that is just getting into sushi and is not comfortable with the whole raw fish thing.

Rainbow Sushi

So, it is Friday. I have been in pain for a solid month and I have not had any Gu Gu in three weeks. I know I can do nothing about the pain, but I can do something about the sushi. Something about that place just seems to make things better. My photo of the day for day 274 is of an arbitrary rainbow that appeared on the way home from going to Gu Gu Sushi. It had not been raining at all, so I was a little surprised by its appearance.

It really hurts me to do this

Seriously, it is painful to sit and type at my laptop lately as I have injured myself. Unfortunately, my doctor is incompetent and my insurance company forces me to jump through hoops, so I guess I will have to toughen up for a while. It also means that most likely my photo a day project will be done in bursts rather than daily. So, here we go with a summary of the last few days. As my regular readers now, I am quite fond of Gu Gu Sushi and they created the GotBaddog.com roll for me. Since then I have …

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Project 365 August Recap

A Picture a Day – Project 365 August 2010 August 2010 was a pretty fun month. I guess any month that more than half of it includes riding one of my bikes is a good month. Throw in a few days with my honey in Sturgis, a couple visits to Gu Gu Sushi and some quality time with Buddy and there really is not a lot to complain about. This gallery is a compilation of my picture a day project for August 2010.

A Picture a Day, July 2010

Photo of the Day, Project 365 [adrotate group=”6″] July 2010 Photos Sorry this is late, but there was a legitimate reason which I will not go into here. July was a pretty active month. It started off with some friends taking me out to dinner and then to see Devo in concert. It was pretty fun. I should probably put up a gallery from the show. The next day I flew to Indiana to visit Tanya and to participate in the annual GotWebHost.com 4th of July Extravaganza. Tanya flew home with me to attend VidCon and then we spent several …

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Feeling Neglected

To be honest, I never dreamed that this would happen. Prior to May, my favorite around town bike was my Night Train. It is slim, sleek, light and very easy to manipulate through traffic. The perfect city bike. Then I got the Limited. While this bike is twice as big in bulk and weight, it is a pleasure to ride, and I actually find myself taking the Limited for trips around town. I decided that I need to start spending more time with the Night Train, so yesterday I started using her for all my tooling around town. My picture …

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Worth Every Penny

Anyone that is paying any attention knows I have a thing for Gu Gu Sushi and Roll in Hermosa Beach. They have the freshest fish and the most unique rolls anywhere. They are all melt in your mouth good. Last week I went in and discovered they had named a roll after me. Today I came in and found that they had renamed the roll the gotbaddog.com roll. Talk about viral marketing! My picture of the day for day 215 is the menu at Gu Gu Sushi, advertising the gotbaddog.com roll. It is a very tasty roll.

Lousy Start For August

August can only get better, and I know it will. Since the first day of August is Sunday, I attempted to go for my Sunday ride. Since an out of town friend said he wanted to meet me at Gu Gu Sushi to try the new baddog roll, I decided to keep my destination within 100 miles. Unfortunately, since it was such a nice day, everyone in Los Angeles County decided to hit the road also. Add a few scattered brush fires and the traffic becomes unbearable. Have the friend flake out on sushi and I had the trifecta. My …

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