Third Annual Rod & Kustom BBQ Photos

On Saturday, the CrossMembers Hot Rod Fellowship held their Third Annual Rod & Kustom BBQ at the Restoration Life Christian Church in Lawndale. This was a fundraising event with a car and bike show, [outstanding] live music, and a barbecue. In addition there were a few vendors there and they held a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to Hands of Hope: Mission Ethiopia. Hands of Hope: Mission Ethiopia provides water purification and well digging services as well as humanitarian relief to the Afar people of Ethiopia. They are attempting to raise $40,000 to purchase a new hydraulic well …

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Bobber Bike Night at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson

These photos were taken at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson last night at their Bike Night. Since many riders are off at Sturgis, Bartels’ had their own mini-Sturgis in their parking lot; which if you closed your eyes and imagined, it was pretty close. There was live music, pretty girls, food, too many cars and it was hot (well, in the beginning; it was a nice ride home. The theme of the evening was to show off your bobber. While my 2006 Night Train is not exactly a bobber in the truest sense of the word, I entered into the contest anyway. I …

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Once a week

I have to be honest with myself and admit there is no way I am ever going to update Project365 every day. If I update weekly, then I can put up other pictures and videos that I have not had time for. Let’s try that. Thursday, I headed over to sign my tax returns to get e-filed. It was sunny out, so I took the Night Train. Turned out it was a lot colder than it looked. Day 83. Friday I got a new memory card for my backup camera. Since it was nice out, Buddy and I went outside …

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Twenty some odd years ago I was riding out to Hermosa Beach to meet my then wife at our favorite watering hole for lunch. Soon after being seated, this guy I recognized vaguely came up to talk. In a nutshell, he had a Harley-Davidson Sportster and wanted to know where I went to have work done on my bike. I told him I did all my own work. He told us a story of woe, having brought his bike into a local shop that was notorious for doing crappy work. To make a long story short, I gave him my …

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Project 365 August Recap

A Picture a Day – Project 365 August 2010 August 2010 was a pretty fun month. I guess any month that more than half of it includes riding one of my bikes is a good month. Throw in a few days with my honey in Sturgis, a couple visits to Gu Gu Sushi and some quality time with Buddy and there really is not a lot to complain about. This gallery is a compilation of my picture a day project for August 2010.

Nice Butt

Different motorcycles have different qualities that may attract me. My 1986 Heritage got my attention with the old school look and the way it fit me. My Limited attracted me with its sexy lines and color scheme. The Night Train, well, I will never forget walking into the dealership and spotting the rear end on it. It was lust at first sight. My photo of the day for day 238 is a profile of the Night Train’s rear, just after being detailed by Harley Arty. He really does good work

10th Street and The Strand

Back in the day, when I was young and studly, I used to have a pretty sweet work location. I did telephone installation and repair down at the beach. In fact, all the marinas and docks in the area were under my sole control. The guy that had the job before me made it look like it was really difficult. Since it was not, I made it look really easy and management just figured they should leave me alone and not distract me. I had it pretty good. Today I went to see Linda to get another haircut. Afterward, I …

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Picture Perfect Day

Day 219 of my photo a day project. A good friend of mine, that I had not seen in far too long contacted me and asked if I wanted to hang out. I naturally said yes, and we decided to meet up and go out for a late lunch, early dinner. As I have always spoken highly of Pancho’s in Manhattan Beach, and for some reason I had never taken her there, it was decided that this would be our destination. In keeping with the theme of the weekend, we took the Night Train out to Manhattan. My photo of …

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Feeling Neglected

To be honest, I never dreamed that this would happen. Prior to May, my favorite around town bike was my Night Train. It is slim, sleek, light and very easy to manipulate through traffic. The perfect city bike. Then I got the Limited. While this bike is twice as big in bulk and weight, it is a pleasure to ride, and I actually find myself taking the Limited for trips around town. I decided that I need to start spending more time with the Night Train, so yesterday I started using her for all my tooling around town. My picture …

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