Photos from Tippecanoe and Battle Ground, too

These photos are from Battle Ground, IN and the Tippecanoe battle field. One day, while visiting Indiana, I decided to try and meet up with a cousin that lives in Tennessee. We had not seen each other in close to 40 years, and since we were on the same side of the Mississippi River, I figured it was worth a try. Tanya, Buddy and I got in the Charger and headed south. A couple of hours later we came upon a sign that suggested we were close to Battle Ground and Tippecanoe. Since I can not resist visiting historical sites, …

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Photos from Arkansas and the Ozarks

Thursday, we woke up somewhere around Oklahoma City. This was day five of our trip and I was contemplating washing the car to attract some rain. I watched the weather channel and their storm chaser was having the same luck as I, so I could not feel too bad. I had to make a decision, go north into Kansas or go northeast into Arkansas and Missouri. The forecast looked a little more promising east but one thing I learned was that they are not very good at forecasting them more than an hour or so ahead of time. We headed …

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Photos from San Rafael Reef

Since the weather was not cooperating in Utah, we thought we would try to make it to the Valley of Fire in Nevada for sunset. It was a great idea, and we were there on time, but the clouds had only grown worse. Luckily, I-70 in Utah is a beautiful drive. These photos were taken in the San Rafael Reef area of Utah, which was a big uranium mining area in the 1950’s. Back to San Rafael Reef Photos Back to San Rafael Reef Photos

Photos from Arches National Park

Our last day in Utah, we decided that we would go ahead and venture into Arches National Park. We had visited it last year, but Tanya’s storage drive failed and she lost a significant number of the photos she took. Since there was a threat or rain, the clouds were moving in; and while clouds can add an interesting perspective to photos, they also dampen the bright colors that might otherwise be available. Tanya said she just wanted to drive to the first arch, then we could leave. About three hours later we decided we really should head out before …

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Photos from Natural Bridges National Monument

I am not really sure what happened. The last I heard, we were going to Arches National Park. After all, that is why we stayed in Moab. Right? Apparently not. I guess Tanya was surfing Google images after we got settled in. She found a couple places we had not yet seen that appeared to be quite photogenic. The fact that it was a four hour drive each way mattered little. One of the locations was Natural Bridges National Monument. Discovered in 1883, it is Utah’s first National Monument. It is also a location that we will return to. In …

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Photos from Southeast Utah

When we originally laid out our planned road trip, Tanya said she wanted to go back to Arches National Park. We had gone there last year, but she suffered a failure on her external hard drive that resulted in the loss of many of her photos. Since this trip was for her birthday and it was on the way anyhow, it was decided we would stay in Moab, UT for the night and go to Arches the next day. We got a very nice room at the La Quinta and it happened to have a microbrewery right across the street. …

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Photos from Hovenweep National Monument

When we left Cortez we saw a sign pointing to Hovenweep National Monument. As we had never heard of it before, it sounded like a new destination. The Monument consists of six clusters of Native American ruins. The natural foliage made it a picturesque setting. These photos are from the Hovenweep area. Back to Hovenweep Photos Back to Hovenweep Photos

Photos from Four Corners Monument

When we made our trip last year, we had no direction. We had somewhere we had to be on a certain date and the route we took to get there was of no consequence. There was one thing I wanted to do and it was stand in four states at once at Four Corners Monument. Somehow, we completely missed it even though we had to have been within 50 miles of it. I have no excuse, I must have missed the sign. Luckily, it was directly on the route from the Grand Canyon to Cortez, CO. I mean, I did …

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Photos from the Navajo Nation

Since we ended up doing a loop around the Grand Canyon, it dropped us off in Navajo land. It is really beautiful there. It is pretty obvious that there is a lot of poverty, but the people I spoke with truly appreciate the land their reservation is on. One of the highlights of the drive was coming across a roadside attraction that had dinosaur tracks, bones, eggs and droppings. It was very cool. I also had an epiphany and could totally relate to how pissed the Native Americans must have been to have a railroad cutting through their land. Had …

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Photos from the Arizona Snowbowl

When we left Flagstaff, we decided to avoid the Interstate and took the 180 Hwy towards the south rim of the Grand Canyon. On the way we saw a sign for the Arizona Snowbowl. I had never heard of it, but had seen it mentioned around Flagstaff, so naturally, I had to take the turn off to check it out. These photos were taken at the Arizona Snowbowl. Back to the Arizona Snowbowl Photos Back to the Arizona Snowbowl Photos

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