Photos from the Navajo Nation

Since we ended up doing a loop around the Grand Canyon, it dropped us off in Navajo land. It is really beautiful there. It is pretty obvious that there is a lot of poverty, but the people I spoke with truly appreciate the land their reservation is on. One of the highlights of the drive was coming across a roadside attraction that had dinosaur tracks, bones, eggs and droppings. It was very cool. I also had an epiphany and could totally relate to how pissed the Native Americans must have been to have a railroad cutting through their land. Had …

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Photos From the Avenue of the Giants

Photos From the California Redwoods Our Drive To Humboldt Redwoods State Park Tanya arrived on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning we decided we wanted to go somewhere. We thought about Utah, but for some reason the weather appeared to be nicer up north, so we decided to head up to see the Redwoods. We spent Thursday evening in Novato so we had nothing but nice scenery all day Friday. The weather was amazing. We ended the day in Eureka where we spent then evening with a dear friend.

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