If you are in Arizona, you may be pregnant

They say truth is stranger than fiction, and if this does not prove it, I am not sure what will. I am talking about Arizona’s recently passed House Bill 2036, which contains the following language: “Gestational age” means the age of the unborn child as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman.” You might want to read that again. Arizona’s legislators have written into law that a woman is now pregnant prior to conception. I graduated from high school in 1971, which means I have not taken a Biology class since 1969 or …

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Photos from Mother’s Day in Arizona

My uncle and I decided to take a little drive today. We stayed on I-40 most of the day, as I have not really driven it since the late 1980’s. It was a really nice day with just the right amount of cloud cover to make interesting shadows on the mountains and the desert is blooming nicely. We ended up in Flagstaff, AZ. It was too dark to get photos of it by the time we got here, so these photos are from Ludlow and Kingman, AZ. Return to Mother’s Day Photos Return to Mother’s Day Photos

Photos from the Navajo Nation

Since we ended up doing a loop around the Grand Canyon, it dropped us off in Navajo land. It is really beautiful there. It is pretty obvious that there is a lot of poverty, but the people I spoke with truly appreciate the land their reservation is on. One of the highlights of the drive was coming across a roadside attraction that had dinosaur tracks, bones, eggs and droppings. It was very cool. I also had an epiphany and could totally relate to how pissed the Native Americans must have been to have a railroad cutting through their land. Had …

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Photos from the Arizona Snowbowl

When we left Flagstaff, we decided to avoid the Interstate and took the 180 Hwy towards the south rim of the Grand Canyon. On the way we saw a sign for the Arizona Snowbowl. I had never heard of it, but had seen it mentioned around Flagstaff, so naturally, I had to take the turn off to check it out. These photos were taken at the Arizona Snowbowl. Back to the Arizona Snowbowl Photos Back to the Arizona Snowbowl Photos

Photos from Flagstaff, AZ

After leaving Sedona, we took a scenic drive up Arizona Hwy 89A to Flagstaff. When we were at the Oak Creek Brewing Company in Sedona, the owner told us about the Lumberyard Brewing Company in Flagstaff, so that is where we headed for dinner. Their food was so-so, but priced as such, so it was okay. Their beer was very good and priced right. Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon. These photos are from Flagstaff, AZ and the Lumberyard Brewing Company. Back to the Photos of Flagstaff Back to the Photos of Flagstaff

Photos from Sedona, Arizona

I ended March and began April a trade show in Tempe, AZ. Since Tanya’s birthday is in the beginning of April, we decided to do a smaller repeat performance of our road trip last year. Sunday morning, we headed out of Tempe and headed north to Sedona. What a welcome relief from the heat of Tempe. We found a nice micro brewery, Oak Creek Brewing Company, and tried their sampler. Good stuff. These photos are from Sedona and the outskirts. Very beautiful country. Back to Photos from Sedona, AZ Back to Photos from Sedona, AZ

Photos of Littlefield Cemetery in Arizona

Littlefield Cemetery [adrotate group=”6″] Photos from Littlefield, AZ When you travel north on Interstate 15 out of Nevada, you cut through a small slice of Arizona before you hit Utah. Although this slice of AZ is very thin, it really does have some remarkable scenery. Tanya and I both enjoy visiting old cemeteries, so when we spotted this gem outside of Littlefield, we did not hesitate to pull off to investigate. As you can see, it was worth the stop. [adrotate group=”1″]

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