Photos from Sedona, Arizona

I ended March and began April a trade show in Tempe, AZ. Since Tanya’s birthday is in the beginning of April, we decided to do a smaller repeat performance of our road trip last year. Sunday morning, we headed out of Tempe and headed north to Sedona. What a welcome relief from the heat of Tempe. We found a nice micro brewery, Oak Creek Brewing Company, and tried their sampler. Good stuff. These photos are from Sedona and the outskirts. Very beautiful country. Back to Photos from Sedona, AZ Back to Photos from Sedona, AZ

Quality Time

Day 214 of my photo a day project. It was Monday and as happens, the maids came. Since I had to give them some time to work around my desk, Buddy and I decided it would be a good time to go outside and play in the front yard for a while. Quality time is what it is all about. My photo of the day is of Buddy and me enjoying the nice day and checking out activity in the neighborhood.

Visit To the Vet

Last night, Buddy was in obvious discomfort with severe itching. I did what I could for him, but this morning I was not convinced that I had done enough, so I called his vet to see if they could see him today. Unfortunately, they could not see him until tomorrow and I did not want to wait that long, so they referred us to another down the street. We went in and they could not find anything wrong with him. They gave him a shot of cortisone to help the itching, suspecting he had some kind of summer allergy. While …

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What a beautiful day

Buddy has yet to meet a new day he has not liked. Some days are just better than others. Today is one of those days. When we went out for our morning walk we were greeted with sun shine, blue skies and mild temperatures. When we headed to the park, Buddy was beside himself as the grass seemed to have some well placed twigs buried within that made it the perfect back scratcher. Day 209’s photo of the day is of Buddy getting rid of an itch.

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