Do not taze me bro

It took me three tries to write an introduction to this post, because I am still angry. This white trash, Jerry Springer regular looking meter reader for the Southern California Gas Company pepper sprayed my dog, in his own yard, while he was on the leash! Then when I call to complain, the supervisor starts talking about they are like cops and using “less than lethal” force. Are you kidding me? My picture of the day for day 243 shows some of the results of the attack on my dog, on his own property by the SoCal Gas Co. He …

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Making Friends

Buddy and I were enjoying our leisurely morning walk when this attack dog appeared out of nowhere. At first he seemed a little apprehensive about approaching Buddy, but he quickly determined that we were not a threat to him. I am not sure that this was a good thing because I could not find the owner and the dog wanted to follow us home. I don’t need or want another dog. Eventually a neighbor decided to take charge of the stray and we made it home. My photo of the day for day 242 is Buddy and his new little …

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Fate or Coincidence

Many years ago, I considered opening a breakfast only restaurant. I got this idea after spending a few days up in the Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear area. Something about that area made me think that if I were to do this, this would be the right place to do it. Since then, I have gone up there at least a dozen times. Each time, I wonder if I should go for it. My photo of the day for day 241 is a place I have driven by numerous times, but never noticed. It is obviously a sign, but is it …

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Night Moves

When Buddy and I got on our evening walk, he generally gets more time off the leash. This is due to the fact that when we go out at night, we do it late when there is little traffic. Of course, what is lost in vehicle traffic is made up by nocturnal animal traffic. Not really sure why I have to deal with varmints in this location, but I have more varieties of critter hanging around here than Tanya does in Indiana. Day 240 of my photo a day project is of Buddy, in his perfect night gear, waiting for …

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Rib Eye Time

I am a pretty good cook. I am very good when it comes to grilling on the barbecue. Unfortunately, I do not really enjoy cooking for myself, so I do not do it very often. I am a member of Sort This Out Cellars wine club, and every three months they send me a few bottles of wine. Since it was Friday, and I had received a supply of some new wines, I decided to go to the store and pick up a rib eye and fixings for a salad. I picked a rib eye because I wanted to get …

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Nice Butt

Different motorcycles have different qualities that may attract me. My 1986 Heritage got my attention with the old school look and the way it fit me. My Limited attracted me with its sexy lines and color scheme. The Night Train, well, I will never forget walking into the dealership and spotting the rear end on it. It was lust at first sight. My photo of the day for day 238 is a profile of the Night Train’s rear, just after being detailed by Harley Arty. He really does good work

Dog Wash?

I do not know what it is about water, but it seems that whenever Buddy is freshly groomed he is more apt to walk through mud puddles or he will run through sprinklers. If he needs grooming he is more likely to avoid things like sprinklers. I guess he just enjoys that wet dog smell. Day 237 of my photo a day project was taken while Buddy and I were walking through the park. If you look closely, behind the mist of the first sprinkler you can see the white tip of Buddy’s tail. He was pretty well soaked by …

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Photos from Sturgis motocross races

Motocross Races At Sturgis Sponsored By the Jackpine Gypsies What many people seem to forget is that the Black Hills Rally and Races was first conceived by the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club in 1938 and it was about the races. Well, to be accurate, the first time had just one racing event with nine participants. One might suggest that after 70 years of rallies (they missed a couple due to WWII) that the event has grown substantially. When I first started riding motorcycles around 1968, it was on the dirt and motocross was my thing. When Tanya and I were …

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Harley Arty

Shortly after purchasing the new Limited, okay, on the way home from purchasing the Limited I stopped by at some friends’ home to show off my new bike. While there, one of their neighbors came by. As it turned out, he makes his money by detailing Harley-Davidsons and his nickname is Harley Arty. I took his business card and made a mental note to remember him for the future. When I came back from Sturgis, the bike was in a word, filthy. About 10 pounds of dead bugs and lots of road grime made it clear that if I was …

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Photos from Deadwood, South Dakota

Photos from Deadwood Bike Week, Black Hills Rally After riding through Spearfish Canyon, you are dropped off in Lead followed by Deadwood. Lead does not really have a lot to offer and as Tanya had never been to Deadwood before it was decided that we would stop there for lunch and to check out the hot bikes. Deadwood has really changed a lot since my first visit in 1986. I guess the combination of bikers and casinos has paid off for them. I am not really sure why Sturgis does not have any casinos, or if they do have them, …

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