Motocross Races At Sturgis

Sponsored By the Jackpine Gypsies

What many people seem to forget is that the Black Hills Rally and Races was first conceived by the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club in 1938 and it was about the races. Well, to be accurate, the first time had just one racing event with nine participants. One might suggest that after 70 years of rallies (they missed a couple due to WWII) that the event has grown substantially.

When I first started riding motorcycles around 1968, it was on the dirt and motocross was my thing. When Tanya and I were coming back from Deadwood I decided to take a detour to the motocross track and try my hand at some high speed action shots. I think I did alright. If you see yourself, a friend or family member in these photos and would like a higher resolution copy suitable for printing and framing, drop me a line and I will send one to you, no charge.

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