These photos are from our 14th Business & Beer gathering, which was held at Sophie’s Place in Redondo Beach. Sophie’s Place is a great little gastropub in the Riviera Village and one of our personal favorite destinations in Redondo Beach. On the drive over there I could not help but notice how beautiful the sky and ocean was, so I did stop to take some photos, which is why some of the beginning pictures are not exactly business or beer.

We had a lot of competition yesterday with inclement weather, a Chamber of Commerce business expo and the debate between Biden and Ryan so we were pleased with the turn out. We had about 15 people come out, which included two second time attendees. For the first time since we started Business & Beer, we did not have any first timers, but like I said, there were several things going on yesterday. It is good to see that people that did not know each other a few weeks ago are greeting each other like old friends.

Next week we will return to the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance. Long known for their German food and European beers, Alpine Inn now carries a wide selection of craft beers. In fact, they have a lot of craft beer you would not likely expect to find there. The GM is a home brewer, so he knows good beer and now makes it available on their multiple rotating taps.

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