Yesterday afternoon, we headed over to the Marriott Hotel in Torrance for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Business Expo. I had a few events to cover yesterday, but I had people that were participating in the expo that I wanted to see, so I made sure I was there as soon as it started. I must admit, I was surprised at how many businesses were represented. The place was packed.

Naturally, there were some TACC reps that did not seem too happy to see me [or my camera] there, but the brick and mortar business owners I spoke with all seemed to be happy to have their photos taken with their display booths and I was able to reacquaint and network with some friends I had made when I was a regular attendee. It was interesting that some I spoke with knew me as the Business & Beer guy, so I guess people are learning of us. I am glad I made time to go check it out.

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