Visit To the Vet

Last night, Buddy was in obvious discomfort with severe itching. I did what I could for him, but this morning I was not convinced that I had done enough, so I called his vet to see if they could see him today. Unfortunately, they could not see him until tomorrow and I did not want to wait that long, so they referred us to another down the street. We went in and they could not find anything wrong with him. They gave him a shot of cortisone to help the itching, suspecting he had some kind of summer allergy. While …

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What a beautiful day

Buddy has yet to meet a new day he has not liked. Some days are just better than others. Today is one of those days. When we went out for our morning walk we were greeted with sun shine, blue skies and mild temperatures. When we headed to the park, Buddy was beside himself as the grass seemed to have some well placed twigs buried within that made it the perfect back scratcher. Day 209’s photo of the day is of Buddy getting rid of an itch.

A Great Honor

It is no secret that I have a sushi dependency. Unfortunately, just any sushi will not do, I have become spoiled. I was in Nobu in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and tried one of their rolls. It was okay, at best. For me, it is Gu Gu Sushi and Roll or nothing at all. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to return after three weeks of no Gu Gu. To my surprise I saw they had created a new baddog roll. It is made with cream cheese, deep fried shrimp, avocado and cucumber topped with smoked salmon, capers and …

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Getting Wii Fit

Several months ago I started using a Wii Fit on a daily basis, well, any day that I was home anyway. A month or so ago I was pretty much forced into an upgrade to Wii Fit+. I really like this Wii Fit+ as it sets up combination workout routines that I would never consider doing on my own. I have to admit, I do believe I am seeing progress and some definition. My photo of the day for day 207 shows the progress I have made since the last full frontal pic.

Sunday Ride To Lake Hughes

Sunday, Day 206 of my photo a day, found me on the road for a nice leisurely ride. I headed up to Lake Castaic, then over to Lake Hughes and Elizabeth Lake. It was a nice day with very little traffic. Pretty much a perfect day in my book. This photo was taken on a turnout overlooking Lake Castaic and the surrounding valley.

Screaming Eagle

Saturday I headed over to Bartels’ Harley-Davidson in Marina del Rey to get a replacement lock for my tour pack and a new exhaust to help improve performance of my new 2010 Limited. Turns out the lock has not arrived, so I had to settle for the new Screaming Eagle mufflers. Day 205 picture of the day is the view from the rear of the new mufflers.

Just Kicking Back

Buddy seems to find himself in the weirdest positions when he is relaxing. I am not exactly sure how he can possibly be comfortable, I suspect his father was a snake. My picture of the day for day 204 shows Buddy wound up around the legs of one of my dining room chairs. As you can see, he appears to be content.

The Road to Psycho Donuts

Photos From Psycho Donuts [adrotate group=”6″] Campbell, CA, I learned about Psycho Donuts, in Campbell, CA via their Facebook page. A quick look at their specialty donuts convinced me that I needed to take a drive up there and sample their goods. This past weekend Tanya, Buddy and I made the journey. We had a good time and met some nice people along the way. [adrotate group=”1″]

How did I get here?

I guess it is a good thing that I take a picture a day, or I might have a real problem keeping track of where I have been and what I have done. This has been a busy month to be sure. Time to catch up with my Project 365 updates. At midnight on Day 197, Tanya and I decided to drive up to Campbell, CA to visit Psycho Donuts. Unfortunately, we did not make it due to the fact that we forgot Tanya’s laptop at home. When we walked in the door I discovered a water inlet hose to …

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