Happy Pi Day

It is the 73rd day of Project365 2011 and the 14th day of March, or 3.14. Pi. Get it? I never heard of today being called Pi Day before, so I guess Facebook taught me something. My photo of the day is of me getting my daily radiation fix.

The back of the bus

Last month, doing Project365 was a little difficult due to my shadow theme and a lack of sunlight. This month, the problem seems to be a lack of clean windows to bounce my photo from. My picture of the day for day 63 of Project365 shows me at the back of a soccer mom’s bus.

Early day

I am not really sure what is going on. Granted, my internal clock knows when to go off, if something is happening the next day, but I had nothing happening until 9:30. Why the heck was I awake at 7:00 AM? That is just not right. My picture of the day for day 42 of Project365 is of me walking through the park, looking kind of tired.

A nice day for a ride

So, my girlfriend came into town a couple days ago, and I finally got a photo of us together. We had a trade show in Hollywood to attend, and since February is one of the nicer times of the year to go for a motorcycle ride, we took advantage of the weather and beat the traffic by taking the Limited. My photo of the day for day 40 of Project365 is of Tanya and I cruising across I-10 on the way to Hollywood.

Super Bowl Sunday

Today presented a bit of a challenge in taking my picture for Project365. It was wet and foggy when we started our morning walk, so it made sticking to the theme of this month a little tougher. Fortunately, by the time we reached the 3/4 mark, the sun started breaking through. My picture of the day for day 37 is of me walking through the park on a foggy morning.

A new month and a new theme for Project365

At the end of last year, I decided that I wanted to mix it up a little on this Project365 photo a day deal. Last month, I actually made sure that my face was pictured in every photo. In the more than 13 months that I have been doing this, I have never had a month that every photo had my face in it. So, now it is February. I intend on making sure my image is in every photo, but with a twist. My picture of the day for day 32 of Project365 is of Buddy and I on …

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Graying nicely

Yes, my hair is changing colors. That is one thing that these daily photos have shown me over the past year. I will not complain though as I will take a full head of gray/silver/white/whatever color as opposed to being bald. My picture of the day for day 4 is a reminder to me of just how gray I am getting.

I can say I am anywhere

One of the advantages I found to my picture of the day project is that when I look back through the past year I can look at a photo and almost immediately remember where I was on that day. The weather around here lately makes it look like I am somewhere other than Southern California. Day 3 of 2011 finds me still home but it looks like I might be in Indiana.

My Project 365 Year End Gallery

It has been a year since I changed the format of GotBaddog.com. In that time, I have done a lot of traveling and I have taken a lot of photos. I would not even hazard a guess as to how many photos I take in a year, I just know I am glad we use memory cards instead of film these days. In the past year, Tanya and I have visited AZ, NV, UT, NM, CO, OK, TX, LA, MS, AR, TN, KY, MO, NE, IA, IN, SD KS, IL, WY, Ireland, Spain and The Netherlands. I also went to …

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Project 365 December 2010 Photos

Project 365 – December Photos From December 2010 As I go through the photos from December, I see that most of it was spent with friends and family. Considering the time of year, I guess that is appropriate. I have not been anywhere in a while, but I have a feeling that is about to change.

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