Photos from Showcase Hermosa

Thursday, July 18th, the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau hosted Showcase Hermosa on the rooftop of the 200 Pier Avenue Building in Hermosa Beach. Showcase Hermosa was a reception that was to promote Hermosa Beach as a travel destination by showcasing various restaurants, hotels and shops that are based in Hermosa Beach. The reception had snacks from a few of the local Hermosa Beach restaurants, as well as wines and American craft beer provided by The Brewery at Abigaile. Towards the end of the event the group went on a walking tour of the three hotels by …

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A visit to Babe’s Bar-B-Que Brewhouse & Alpine Beer Co

Last week I had a trade show to photograph out in the Phoenix, AZ area, so I had an opportunity to visit a couple brewpubs during my travels. We decided to leave on Tuesday evening and drive out to Indio to get out of the city and have an easier drive into Tempe the next day. We set our sights on Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse in Rancho Mirage. To be honest, we targeted Babe’s for their peach pie; I had completely forgotten they were a brewpub. Naturally I got a flight, and each selection seemed perfectly suited for the desert. …

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Beer tasting in the Inland Empire

These photos were taken at I and I Brewing Co, Craft Brewing Company, Lazy Dog Cafe, Black Market Brewing, South Coast Winery, Lake Skinner and Brew-Ligion Brewhouse in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. Tanya and I have not really had a chance to venture away for an over-nighter in what seems like forever, so we decided we would head down to Temecula to see if there was a chance that I could visit with my son and his family and maybe do a little beer tasting. Since I knew a visit with the family was not going to …

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An American’s view of Barcelona – Street photography

Earlier this month I went to Barcelona, Spain to cover a trade show. In the past, Tanya would join me on my travels, be they be within the country or overseas. Unfortunately, her Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD aka Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA) has made international travel a thing of the past for her. Hopefully she will find a good drug combination that will put her back into remission, but until that happens I will be doing most of my travels solo. Since Tanya is unable to travel with me and I take far too many photos for her to sit …

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Photos from Tanya’s move

When I left Europe, I headed back to Indiana for the last phase of my journey. If you will recall, this all started with Buddy and me taking a train from Los Angeles to Chicago. Now, I was going to finish packing Tanya’s trailer, take some photos of the inside of the house, put up a For Sale sign and drive back to California. Tanya was coming to stay. These photos include stops at Billy Barooz Pub & Grill in Champaign, IL; Shamrock, TX; Chama River Brewing Company in Albuquerque, NM and Flagstaff Brewing Company in Flagstaff, AZ along with …

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Photos from Prague

After leaving Amsterdam, I headed to Prague for a few days. These photos are primarily from around the Hotel Praja and the Silenzio Hotel. Unfortunately, I was again covering a trade show and the show hotel was on the outskirts of Prague. Every time I ventured away from the hotel I was pretty much stuck in a bus or taxi. There were some amazing views that I really wish I could have shot, but circumstances were out of my control for this trip. Back to Prague Photos Back to Prague Photos

Photos from Amsterdam via Paris

The day before I headed to Europe, I got a telephone call from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Apparently they were canceling my non-stop flight from Chicago to Amsterdam. They wanted me to wait an additional day to leave Chicago. Since I expected to be compensated for the hotel room I had paid for in Amsterdam, KLM decided to pawn me off on Air France. Air France was able to cram me (literally) onto a flight from Chicago to Paris, then I could stretch out on a flight from Paris to Amsterdam. Not exactly how I wanted to start this trip, …

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Photos from a walk around London

These photos were taken on Monday, September 26, 2011. When I came in to London from Gatwick, my driver took the scenic route through town. Combined with the bus tour I went on Sunday, I was ready for some up close and personal time with the city. A friend had stayed an extra day so we decided to meet up Monday morning. She wanted to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and I wanted to ride the London Eye. It was a great day. The crowd was pretty big for the changing of the guard, but we …

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Photos from a bus tour in London

These photos were taken on September 25, 2011 on a bus tour through London. I was recently in Europe for a couple of weeks. I visited Amsterdam, Prague and London. While London was the last stop, I am going to start off the photos there since it is the city I was able to see the most of. Two days before I headed home, an affiliate program sponsored a double-decker bus tour through London. Since London is pretty spread out, I figured this would be a good way to see the most. It was one of my better ideas of …

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Photos from County Line Orchard

Since my time in Indiana is drawing to a close, we have been spending time visiting places we enjoy around here. One of these places is County Line Orchard in Hobart, IN. The thing I like most about County Line is their pumpkin donuts. We took a drive over there today to pick up some of these delicious snacks, then went for a walk through the orchard to take photos of the apple trees. County Line Orchard is good clean family fun, with a petting zoo for the kids. They also let you pick your own apples, so if apples …

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