Earlier this month I went to Barcelona, Spain to cover a trade show. In the past, Tanya would join me on my travels, be they be within the country or overseas. Unfortunately, her Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD aka Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA) has made international travel a thing of the past for her. Hopefully she will find a good drug combination that will put her back into remission, but until that happens I will be doing most of my travels solo.

Since Tanya is unable to travel with me and I take far too many photos for her to sit down and go through the thousands I come home with, I have decided to create this abridged photo version so she can see the highlights of Barcelona. No need to feel too sorry for her, as she has been to Spain twice, so she knows about the good food and wine they have. This gallery is part of my commitment to write 365 blog posts to help bring awareness to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation.

Back to Barcelona Street Photos

Back to Barcelona Street Photos

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