Yesterday, Tanya went to see a new Rheumatolgist, Dr. Solomon Forouzesh in Culver City. Since her move to Southern California, this has been her first visit to a doctor about her Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. As I have mentioned in prior posts, we are seriously considering going to Panama to take advantage of the adult stem cell therapy that is available there. Since she has not been to a doctor since the middle of last year, it was decided that it only made sense to get a checkup so we could see where she was at. After doing significant research, Tanya decided on Dr. Forouzesh which I have to say seems like a great choice.

Anyone that knows me or has followed my blog for any significant amount of time probably is aware of my attitude towards doctors and the medical profession in general. I am pleased to say that I walked away from his office quite pleased with the events of the afternoon. After [actually] listening to Tanya, Dr. Forouzesh ordered up a Vectra DA blood test that will give an accurate idea of what is happening with her now, along with a bone density test both of which were done there in the office. He also wants an ultrasound done on her thyroid, but that has to be done earlier in the day, so she will have it done when we return in two weeks.

When we started asking questions about stem cell treatment he initially started off with the standard responses we have learned to expect, however, once it became clear to him that we have been doing our homework, he actually became interested and brought in his research assistant and told her some of we what had mentioned to him. I asked him point blank, “if we are bound and determined to go to Panama” would his tests give us the information they would need. He assured us it would and left us both with the impression that he is more than willing to share information with us as well as follow up on the information we provide him. I have a very good feeling about this.

Back to Tanya’s Doctor Visit Photos

Back to Tanya’s Doctor Visit Photos

By the way, April 10th was Tanya’s birthday. As a gift, she has requested people donate to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. She has set a goal of $1,500 and is almost there. It does not matter when you donate, so if you do not read this until 2525, please feel free to donate in whatever currency we may be using at the time.

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