Tuesday was the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce’s April Networking at Noon; this time being held at The Crest on Cabrillo in downtown Torrance. The monthly Networking at Noon is a great way for Chamber members to meet informally over a [usually] nice lunch, exchange business cards and give a 30 second introduction to remind people what service their business provides. It is also an opportunity for the host restaurant to showcase their establishment. Unfortunately, I think The Crest proved to be a pretty poor place to try and conduct a meeting. Sharing an area with regular bar customers was just too noisy; and I know I was not alone in not being able to hear most of what was said. Be that as it may, we were able to meet with a few people that we met at earlier functions and it is becoming obvious that we are being recognized and business will be done. As I have been attending trade shows for close to 10 years, I have learned that networking opportunities are what you make of them.

Since the networking function was held on Tanya’s birthday, I have added the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation’s watermark to the photos as it is Tanya’s favorite charity.

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