Don Quijote’s Spanish Restaurante
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Indiana’s oldest and only authentic Spanish restaurant

I enjoy good food. Finding good food can present a challenge at times, especially when you travel to places that are not exactly tourist attractions. Northwest Indiana is one of those places. While Cracker Barrel and Steak and Shake are okay in a pinch, they do not exactly meet my standards for a quality meal. Don Quijote’s Restaurante in downtown Valparaiso definitely is the exception to the rule as far as good food is concerned.

I first heard of the place when driving here from Chicago. There was a billboard claiming it was the only Spanish restaurant in Indiana. Since it was in the town I was headed to, it only made sense to check it out. I am glad I did. The owners, Elena and Carlos are a pleasure to talk to and the food is great. Frequently, our server is Susana who is cute and efficient which completes the dining experience.

It is my understanding that Indiana now has a second Spanish restaurant a couple hundred miles from here, so they had to change the billboard. As long as they do not change the quality of food and service Don Quijote’s will always be Indiana’s only Spanish restaurant as far as I am concerned.

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