When asteroids strike

When you wake up to the fact that asteroids are hitting the planet and people are being harmed, it kind of puts a weird slant on the day. On the upside, the asteroid did not hit anywhere close to me and it was a magnificent summer day in the middle of February. Tanya suggested I take a bike ride up to Point Vicente and try to shoot some whales, which sounded like a great idea . . ., but things happened, Point Vicente did not. After a couple detours I headed out to the Manhattan Beach because there were sightings …

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50 shades of South Bay gray; a day at the beach

Every once in a while I need to just take a day off, away from the house for a while, and yesterday was that day. I had been seeing Facebook status updates mentioning big surf was coming and I figured that with the rain clouds that it would make for some nice photographs. Since Tanya has been feeling a lot better for the last few weeks, she has been able to use her Canon Rebel again; so she was excited to join me. Without bothering to look at the surf report, we headed over to the beach. We started off …

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Whale watching at Point Vicente

Every year at this time, California gray whales migrate down the coast of California to Baja and their breeding grounds. The other day I read that there were a record number of sightings, so Tanya and I took a drive up to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes to see if we could photograph some as they swam by. I managed to get a couple of shots, but as the sun was setting the glare on the water made it a little difficult to spot them and get the shot before they went under water again. It …

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Photos from Pt Reyes National Seashore

Here are some photos from the Point Reyes National Seashore and Tule Elk Reserve. I can not explain why it has taken me until now to venture out onto Tomales Point. I must have driven past it a dozen times. With the guidance of my uncle that lives just south of there, we visited Hearts Desire Beach as well as Tomales Bay State Park. We found lots of water fowl and other birds, as well as a herd of elk. Unfortunately, we had to get to San Francisco so we had to cut the day short around 4:00 or 5:00. …

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Photos Of the California Coastline

Photos From CA Hwy 1 Santa Cruz to San Simeon After a fun evening in Santa Cruz we grabbed some coffee and headed down CA Hwy 1. It was another spectacular day and it held promise for some great coastline photos. We were not disappointed. The CA coastline actually faces north, south and west so depending on the direction faced the scenery can be quite different, from calm blue coves to tumultuous waves crashing on the gigantic rocks that are prevalent along the coast in that area. If you have never driven along the California coastline, you owe it to …

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Ride To Neptune’s Net

Photos From the Break-In Ride to Neptune’s Net [adrotate group=”6″] Cruising the PCH As mentioned earlier, I got a new bike. Since I plan on taking a ride to Sturgis, SD in August, I need to get some miles on the engine so it will be properly broken in. Well, that is my excuse anyway. Yesterday I decided to cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway to Neptune’s Net. It is a popular biker hangout on Sundays, directly across the street from the ocean at the Los Angeles and Ventura county’s line. It was a great ride and I have a …

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Calm day at Pt Vicente

Calm Day On the Bay [adrotate group=”6″] Beautiful Spring Day at Pt Vicente After spending some time with my son, I decided to head back up to Pt Vicente to try and get some pictures of migrating whales. As soon as I picked my spot to photograph from, a couple guys that were already there proceeded to tell me about a couple dolphins that had been playing around in the cove beneath us. They showed me the pictures of the dolphins spinning in air, and basically acting like they were performing at Sea World or something. Naturally, once I got …

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A Blustery Day at Pt Vicente

Pictures from Point Vicente [adrotate group=”6″] A Windy Winter Day My girlfriend has not been here since I discovered that Point Vicente is a great place to watch for whales. We decided to take a short break from work and head up there. We got a couple water spouts, so we know they were out there, but it was really blown out. Not sure a whale really cares about the weather though. [adrotate group=”1″]

Pictures From Point Vicente

Pictures From Point Vicente [adrotate group=”6″] Sights from the California Coastline Last week I came to Point Vicente and happened to be there when a couple gray whales were frolicking in the area. Unfortunately, all I had with me was my Samsung point and shoot camera. I got one lucky shot, but you could not really tell if it was a whale or the Loch Ness Monster. I went back today with my Canon Rebel and a tripod, but as luck would have it, no whales were to be seen. No worries. There were still plenty of sights to be …

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