Redondo Beach Pier & International Boardwalk

As the summer tourist season is approaching, I thought I might spend a little time wandering around the South Bay to photograph popular tourist destinations for those that might be coming to visit the Torrance and Redondo Beach area. Since the Redondo Beach Pier has been in the news lately due to it being the 25th anniversary of when the Redondo Beach Pier had a major fire that destroyed half of the Redondo Pier horseshoe, I decided I would start off with a walk around the Redondo Beach Pier and the International Boardwalk. The Redondo Beach Pier is a really …

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40th Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Photos

While driving through New Mexico Tanya decided that she wanted to have Cracker Barrel one more time before we got to California. She brought out her Xoom and found a couple in Albuquerque. She brought out the street level view and it looked like they had a parking lot that would accommodate us, so we put it in the GPS as our dinner destination. Even though it was a Cracker Barrel, I decided to bring my camera inside. You never know. Towards the end of our meal the manager came up, made some small talk then started talking about cameras. …

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Photos from Prague

After leaving Amsterdam, I headed to Prague for a few days. These photos are primarily from around the Hotel Praja and the Silenzio Hotel. Unfortunately, I was again covering a trade show and the show hotel was on the outskirts of Prague. Every time I ventured away from the hotel I was pretty much stuck in a bus or taxi. There were some amazing views that I really wish I could have shot, but circumstances were out of my control for this trip. Back to Prague Photos Back to Prague Photos

Photos from Amsterdam via Paris

The day before I headed to Europe, I got a telephone call from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Apparently they were canceling my non-stop flight from Chicago to Amsterdam. They wanted me to wait an additional day to leave Chicago. Since I expected to be compensated for the hotel room I had paid for in Amsterdam, KLM decided to pawn me off on Air France. Air France was able to cram me (literally) onto a flight from Chicago to Paris, then I could stretch out on a flight from Paris to Amsterdam. Not exactly how I wanted to start this trip, …

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Photos from a walk around London

These photos were taken on Monday, September 26, 2011. When I came in to London from Gatwick, my driver took the scenic route through town. Combined with the bus tour I went on Sunday, I was ready for some up close and personal time with the city. A friend had stayed an extra day so we decided to meet up Monday morning. She wanted to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and I wanted to ride the London Eye. It was a great day. The crowd was pretty big for the changing of the guard, but we …

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Photos from a bus tour in London

These photos were taken on September 25, 2011 on a bus tour through London. I was recently in Europe for a couple of weeks. I visited Amsterdam, Prague and London. While London was the last stop, I am going to start off the photos there since it is the city I was able to see the most of. Two days before I headed home, an affiliate program sponsored a double-decker bus tour through London. Since London is pretty spread out, I figured this would be a good way to see the most. It was one of my better ideas of …

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Yellowstone National Park

Shortly after leaving Cody and the Buffalo Bill Dam we entered Yellowstone National Park’s East Entrance. I had not visited Yellowstone since I was a youngster, maybe 45 years ago. Since Yellowstone is extremely large and we only had one day to see as much as we could, we took the long way around the park. From the east entrance we drove alongside Yellowstone Lake to the Fishing Bridge junction. After a nice lunch we took Grand Loop Road to Canyon Village, across to Madison then dropped down to Old Faithful and eventually out the south entrance leading to the …

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Cody and the Buffalo Bill Dam

We ended day four and began day five in Cody, WY. On the way to the Cody Rodeo the night before, we noticed what looked like an old frontier town in the fields between Cody and Stampede Park. We decided to check it out the next morning. It turned out being the Old Trail Town which was the original townsite of Cody, which was named after William F. (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody. If you are into Old West artifacts, you will definitely appreciate a stop by Old Trail Town. After leaving the city limits and heading into the mountains we came …

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