Thursday night, The Brewery at Abigaile hosted a “celebration of local craft beer” and the release of the October issue of Beach Magazine which is pretty much dedicated to the craft beer scene in the South Bay area. I know it sounds like I spend a lot of time at Abigaile and The Brewery at Abigaile; but this place is so much fun and they have such good beer and food available, that it is worth making a detour over there every once in a while. Last night was no exception. As part of the celebration, Abigaile brought in all the South Bay craft brewers you hear me talk and see me write about. El Segundo Brewing, Strand Brewing, Monkish Brewing and Beachwood Brewing contributed selections to those brewed in-house at Abigaile. It was a real treat being able to make up a flight from all my favorite local brewers at one time. I suspect it won’t be long before we start seeing some collaboration brews available.

Beach Magazine is is a local magazine put out by Easy Reader, a beach newspaper that I started reading in 1971. I had heard about the upcoming issue but was not sure what to expect. I grabbed a copy last night and they cover just about every local place I can think of to get a wide variety of craft beers. They did review one location I have heard of but never visited, so I guess they are next. If you see a copy, pick it up; you will see I am not the only one loving this craft beer revolution in the South Bay.

Congrats to all the local brewers, brewpubs and gastropubs; and thanks again to Jed and Brian at Abigaile for providing such a nice and fun venue.

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