These photos are from Battle Ground, IN and the Tippecanoe battle field. One day, while visiting Indiana, I decided to try and meet up with a cousin that lives in Tennessee. We had not seen each other in close to 40 years, and since we were on the same side of the Mississippi River, I figured it was worth a try. Tanya, Buddy and I got in the Charger and headed south. A couple of hours later we came upon a sign that suggested we were close to Battle Ground and Tippecanoe. Since I can not resist visiting historical sites, a detour was made.

Tippecanoe really surprised me in that it is not very large. To imagine a battle taking place in such a small area left me with the impression that it must have been pretty intense. We attempted to visit neighboring Prophetstown, but there was an entry gate so you could pay to get in and the girl at the gate seemed more interested in chatting it up than collecting fees and letting people pass. After 10 or 15 minutes of waiting, and a quick Google image search, we decided to turn around and continue on our journey.

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