I have to be honest with myself and admit there is no way I am ever going to update Project365 every day. If I update weekly, then I can put up other pictures and videos that I have not had time for. Let’s try that.

Thursday, I headed over to sign my tax returns to get e-filed. It was sunny out, so I took the Night Train. Turned out it was a lot colder than it looked. Day 83.

day083 project365
Night Train Morning

Friday I got a new memory card for my backup camera. Since it was nice out, Buddy and I went outside to test it out. Day 84 of Project365 shows tinted windows make a nice backdrop for pictures.

Project365 day084
Sunny Afternoon

I can not believe how fickle the weather has become lately. Day 85 of Project365 is not as sunny as yesterday’s photo.

day085 project365
Winter Again

I ran into some people the other night, and the girl commented that “you have a beard now.” She met me the night after I shaved it off. I guess I can start using all my old Facebook profile pics again. Day 86 of Project365, I’m back.

day085 project365
It Is Back

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