These photos were taken on Route 66 in Missouri. This was on the way to Joplin, MO. I entered St Louis in the late afternoon, so it was not an ideal time to tour. I did find Jellystone Park though, so I had to make a quick stop. I wanted to find some local cuisine and a billboard directed me to Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q in Cuba, MO. Great food. Right next door was a newly renovated Wagon Wheel Motel, so I walked over there and got a room. Would have been better if Tanya was with me though. She would have liked it. The next morning, Buddy and I went for a walk around Cuba and I brought the camera. Pretty cool little town.

There was a car show in Springfield the next day, so there were lots of cool cars to see on the drive west. Then, I found that storm in Mt. Vernon.

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