A few weeks ago, I entered a photo contest at a motorcycle forum and won an honorable mention. The prize was a pass to the Easyriders Bike Show which was coming to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I was out of town that weekend at an Internet marketing trade show. I had a suspicion that I had won the honorable mention because the forum owners knew I would bring my camera and provide some photos for their members.

Since it was in the mid-80’s at my place on Friday, and there did not appear to be a threat of rain between LA and Sacramento, I decided to take the Limited for a little ride. I did not know that I was going to end up riding in the high 30’s and low 40’s most of the time. Not sure I would have taken the bike if I had. Anyway, I got there, got a ton of photos and had a great time. Thank you to MotoZania.com for the free pass.

For first time visitors, the fastest and easiest way to get through these large galleries is to use the slideshow option, then full screen. It is set for five (5) seconds, but if you click the image it will go to the next one.

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