Even though my cameras seem to want to mess with me, I am keeping up with the picture a day concept. Here are my latest contributions.

As you may have noticed, I take pictures of my food before I eat it. On day 176 my picture of the day was of Buddy’s food, while he was eating it.

Day 176 picture of the day
Buddy Eating Up

Day 177 was Saturday, and I typically stick around home so Tanya can have the day off. Buddy and I played around with the Canon. I think he is learning to deal with the constant click of the cameras around here.

Picture of the Day, Day 177
Keep Smiling

Day 178 was a pretty interesting day. Was going to ride to Lake Arrowhead to take some photos. Then the flash unit on the Canon did not want to work so I grabbed the point and shoot and headed off to meet Daniel. Turned out his bike developed problems so we never made it to Lake Arrowhead. Turned out the battery was dead on the point and shoot as well. My picture of the day is a test shot I took with the Canon after reading about a “fix” for the Canon.

Day 178 Photo of the Day
Long Day

Today is Day 179. Once again, Bank of America has decided to change my credit card number making my life a hassle. I decided it was only fair that I make life difficult for them. Decided that I will start closing accounts with them, one at a time. I refuse to accept their checks. If anyone has a recommendation for a decent bank, I am all ears.

Day 179 picture of the day
Saying Goodbye to BofA

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