Asperatus and storm clouds

The other day, someone made a comment about a photo I had posted on Google+. It was of a cloud formation that I had seen in North Dakota or Montana. They informed me that the photo was of the newly named Asperatus variety. She sent me a link to a Youtube video and a website that is all about cloud appreciation. I was surprised that the clouds were something new because I saw them all across the country when I was following storms. I soon recognized that when I saw them, some very foul weather was to follow. I noticed …

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Sights along I-94 in North Dakota and into Montana

Day three of our road trip found us in Fargo, ND. I have to admit, my preconceptions of North Dakota were completely off base. For some reason I expected ND to be flat and treeless (was told the state tree was the telephone pole). It was actually a very picturesque state with rolling hills. There were tornadoes and thunderstorms in the area so we naturally took time to photograph the cloud formations. Along the way we stopped at Frontier Village and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We crossed over into Montana at days end and spent the night in Miles City. …

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