Stormy skies over Mount Vernon, MO

These photos are from a large storm I ran into on my way to Joplin. I had stopped at a rest stop about 50 miles east of Joplin and checked the weather report on the National Weather Service website. It looked like Joplin was getting hammered again and a storm was headed straight for me. When it cleared I continued on. When I hit Mount Vernon the skies became amazing, so I had to pull off the interstate and try to photograph it. The storm ended up circling over me. It made for a great photo op. Back to Storm …

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Photos from the Gila National Forest

Waking up in Springerville, I realized that I had been on the road for two days and had yet to leave Arizona. That had to change. As we headed towards New Mexico we went through the Gila National Forest. It was a very windy day which made for some very clear skies around us. I could see that we were probably going to be headed towards some large forest fires as there was a lot of smoke mixing with the dust in the distance. Back to Gila National Forest Photos Back to Gila National Forest Photos

Photos from Meteor Crater, Arizona

These photos are from the Meteor Crater by Meteor City, AZ. This giant hole in the ground was created about 50,000 years ago when a meteor crashed into the Earth at an estimated 26,000 miles per hour. It is pretty amazing when you look at the size of the crater and think about what kind of devastation it must have caused at the time. One moment you are surrounded by forests, then vast expanses of nothing. It was very windy, with gusts up to 70 MPH, which the locals say is the norm. Back to Meteor Crater Photos Back to …

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Photos from Mother’s Day in Arizona

My uncle and I decided to take a little drive today. We stayed on I-40 most of the day, as I have not really driven it since the late 1980’s. It was a really nice day with just the right amount of cloud cover to make interesting shadows on the mountains and the desert is blooming nicely. We ended up in Flagstaff, AZ. It was too dark to get photos of it by the time we got here, so these photos are from Ludlow and Kingman, AZ. Return to Mother’s Day Photos Return to Mother’s Day Photos

A pretty nice morning

I made the mistake of assuming that since a La Nina was the opposite of an El Nino, that this meant it would be a dry winter. I guess it has more to do with the temperature of the rain than the amount of it. I know one thing for sure, I have never worn out an umbrella before, but the one I have owned for the last year is never going to make it through this winter. My photo of the day was taken during my morning walk. One of the few nice mornings, lately.

Shelter from the storm

The thing about riding a motorcycle in Wyoming, is their weather is really unpredictable and is rarely pleasant. There is a lot of wide open spaces which means very little shelter. I have had several incidents in WY that involved their weather and the inability to find anywhere to hide. Today was another of those days. It started off great. The skies were threatening but I was able to pretty much avoid any significant rain for three or four hours. Then my luck began to dissipate. I sat out a rain storm in Rawlins, then decided to try and make …

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Photos of Littlefield Cemetery in Arizona

Littlefield Cemetery [adrotate group=”6″] Photos from Littlefield, AZ When you travel north on Interstate 15 out of Nevada, you cut through a small slice of Arizona before you hit Utah. Although this slice of AZ is very thin, it really does have some remarkable scenery. Tanya and I both enjoy visiting old cemeteries, so when we spotted this gem outside of Littlefield, we did not hesitate to pull off to investigate. As you can see, it was worth the stop. [adrotate group=”1″]

Photos from the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

Bridgeport, Twin Lakes, Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada Mountains We woke up in Bridgeport, which is one of those towns along US 395 that if you blink, you will miss it. Buddy and I began the day with a walk through town. That was enough to convince me that we were going to have to do a little exploring before we started the last leg of our journey home. I saw a sign for Twin Lakes and decided that we should go check them out. It was a great decision as the lakes and snow-capped mountains were very picturesque. …

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Photos from Nevada

Nevada Photos [adrotate group=”6″] Wendover to South Lake Tahoe We left West Wendover, NV and headed west to Lake Tahoe. While it was a little chilly, it was nothing compared to the last several days. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we decided to find a Mexican restaurant along the way for dinner. We landed in Sparks, NV at Cantina Los Tres Hombres. The food was tasty and they had a wide selection of tequilas to choose from. Alexis, our server made a couple nice suggestions and we left satisfied. From there it was a relatively short drive to South …

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Photos From the Windy Plains

Photos From Wyoming and Utah [adrotate group=”6″] Independence Rock and Great Salt Lake Time is running out and there are still a lot of miles to go, so today was a lot of driving. Since we were driving through Wyoming and Utah it was easy to put on the miles as there was very little to stop and photograph. Coupled with the fact that the wind was 60+ in places, when we did stop to do anything, we usually did it quickly as it was really cold. We did spend a little time at Independence Rock, and walked around most …

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