Saturday Afternoon Ride

Escondido to Seal Beach, CA

It has been a long time since I went on a decent bike ride, so I was more than due for today’s ride. My friend Phil wanted to come along, but he only wanted to do a short ride to Cook’s Corner, about 50 miles from here. I rode my Limited and he was on his Glide. As soon as we got off the freeway he suggested we go to Stone Brewery instead. I was not real happy the last time we went there, but since it was 50 miles further I was all for it. Unfortunately, Stone Brewery has gone downhill, so we just had a beer and left.

We ended up in Seal Beach at a place called Beachwood BBQ. We had a nice waitress by the name of Jacque that guided us to some nice beers and gave the hot tip of vinegar and Tabasco for the fried green tomatoes. I tried the venison chili, which was nice and spicy. I think Tanya is glad she is not here now though.

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