My loyal readers probably recall a post or two in which I mentioned that I had started using the Wii Fit. According to Wii I should weigh 167 pounds. Now, we all know that is never going to happen, and in fact, it would not even allow me to set that as a goal as it seems to have a 25 pound limit. So, I set my goal for losing 25 pounds in a year. Extensive travel makes weight control very difficult, at least for me. It is difficult to get good food on the road. Those last five pounds were really being a pain to shed.

A week ago I started using Take Charge. I mix 1/4 cup every morning with a little yogurt. My picture of the day for day 301 is of my Wii informing me that I had lost 25+ pounds ahead of my target date. I have to give Take Charge credit for helping me get those last few pounds off.

Day 301 project 365
Wii Did It

To keep the FTC happy, I was not paid to endorse Take Charge, but if you purchase it using my link I do receive a kick back. Even if I did not, I would still endorse it.

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