Today is my last day in Indiana, at least for a couple of months. So here is a wrap up of my last few pictures of the day.

Day 186 shows the road I have been walking down when I need to stretch my legs. This is an easy way to lose weight, with their 95 degrees and 100% humidity.

Day 186 picture of the day
Guaranteed Weight Loss Program

On Day 187, Tanya and I went to a new restaurant here in Valpo called the Industrial Revolution. From talking with our waitress I learned that this restaurant has been through several menu changes. We will probably check it out next year to see how it has progressed.

Day 187 picture of the day

Yesterday, Hershey (Tanya’s dog) wanted to show how much he trusts me.

Day 188 photo of the day

I am packed and ready to go. Just need to get this post published and I am out of here. Can not be fast enough.

Photo of the Day 189
Ready To Go

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