Sunday we headed to Chicago as we had to get on the 4:20 flight to Amsterdam. My photo of the day for day 255 is of Tanya and I as we wing across the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Amsterdam.

Day 255 photo of the day
4:20 Flight to Amsterdam

I pretty much lost a day in transit due to time changes, time wasted at the airport and actual flight time. Once we got to Ireland there was the issue of getting Internet access, catching up with sleep and good stuff like that. My picture of the day for day 256 is of Tanya and I in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

Day 256 picture of the day
Temple Bar

When I travel, I like to meet and talk to people from the area. So far I have met a few native Irish, two girls from California and two taxi cab drivers from Nigeria. It is really interesting to hear how people end up where they do. My photo of the day for day 257 are of Danny and his friend [that has a girlfriend going to school in Chicago]. Tomorrow we head off for southern Ireland.

Day 257 photo of the day
Making New Friends

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