I have been coming to Sturgis since 1986, and have attended numerous times. The last time I came was in 2006 and I told myself I would not return. Circumstances changed and I found myself meeting Tanya here. Every other time I arrived at the beginning of the rally. This year I came towards the end. Smart move. I met a lot of nice people on this journey, from Wes and Dave of F.I.W.S. to the Anderson’s of Wisconsin, who gave us the idea of staying an additional day.

My photo of the day for day 227 is of a couple we met in Spearfish, SD today. He was from IN and now lives about 30 miles from me. It is a small world. For those of you that I gave my card to that are here for the pics of the events, I am beginning my ride home tomorrow, and I will get them all up after I get home. Hope you had a safe ride home.

Day 227 picture of the day
California Bound

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