The people, bands and equestrian units of the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade

These photos were taken at the 124th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, held January 1, 2013. Once again, I have taken too many photos to put in one gallery, so I have broken them up into two groups. This gallery consists of basically anything that was not a float; marching bands, equestrian units and basic people watching. I was set up at Colorado Boulevard and Allen Avenue, primarily on the southeast corner. As this is a very large gallery, you might find it easier to view using the slideshow feature; you can use the full screen option for the best …

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2012 PV Street Fair: Petting Zoo, Pony and Carnival Rides

These photos are from Saturday at the 2012 PV Street Fair & Music Festival and include the petting zoo, pony ride and the carnival rides and games. As you can see, the PV Street Fair was definitely a family fun event. I would like to thank the guy running the Super Shot ride for allowing me some time up top to get photos of the fair from high atop it. These photos are sponsored by If your Internet presence is important to you check out the full service web host,

Got Web Host?

Day 90 of Project 365, and I am off on one of my daily walks. Today, I am breaking in my new hat. We will be in Phoenix next week and, if history is any indicator, it is going to be quite sunny. I knew I was going to need a hat and my last Got Web Host hat was seen flying off into the distance, somewhere off the shore of Maui. I think a dolphin got it, but it could have been a porpoise. Today’s photo is of my new hat.

Everything is coming together

Day 75 of my daily photo journal, otherwise known as Project 365. Today’s photo is of the gift bag swag that we will be giving away at the upcoming Phoenix Forum. It is somewhat appropriate that I post this today since we announced our sponsorship today and we received the items today. It is all coming together.

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