Torrance Annual Halloween Carnival

As I mentioned a couple months ago, I volunteered to help give the Torrance Rose Float Association (TRFA) some additional exposure to assist them in their fundraising efforts so the City of Torrance can be represented at the next Tournament of Roses Parade. A couple nights ago I heard that the TRFA needed volunteers to run their booth at the 2013 Torrance Annual Halloween Carnival, so Tanya stepped up to take care of their booth for a couple hours. Judging by the photos, she had as much fun as the kids playing the game. The City of Torrance no longer …

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Sunday at the 2012 PV Street Fair: Petting Zoo, rides and vendors

These photos are from Sunday at the 2012 Palos Verdes Street Fair & Music Festival. Since I got so many photos Sunday, I am forced to break the day up into three sections to make it easier for you to find the photos you are looking for. This particular gallery consists of the following: the petting zoo, the pony rides, the carnival rides and games and ending with the vendors. As I mentioned in the gallery of vendors from Saturday, one of the reasons I take so many photos is to help give exposure to local businesses. That being said, …

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2012 PV Street Fair: Petting Zoo, Pony and Carnival Rides

These photos are from Saturday at the 2012 PV Street Fair & Music Festival and include the petting zoo, pony ride and the carnival rides and games. As you can see, the PV Street Fair was definitely a family fun event. I would like to thank the guy running the Super Shot ride for allowing me some time up top to get photos of the fair from high atop it. These photos are sponsored by If your Internet presence is important to you check out the full service web host,

Photos from the 4th Annual PV Teen Night

These photos were taken Friday night at the 4th Annual PV Teen Night; which was held in conjunction with the 25th Annual Palos Verdes Street Fair & Music Festival. The street fair itself did not begin until Saturday, but all the carnival rides and food vendors were set up and ready to go Friday while the rest of the vendors, stages and tents were being worked on, most likely throughout the night. Friday night was limited just to the kids and proceeds from the ticket sales went to benefit local schools on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The kids did not …

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Holiday Fair at Staples Center

When we went to Staples last night, I got spun around and ended up parking by LA Live on 11th Street. To my surprise, they had the street blocked off and an old style carnival set up. I presumed it was some kind of Christmas carnival, but no one that worked there really knew what was going on. Even the security personnel said they had never seen anything like this before and that it had no name that they knew of. Google was of little help, so I think we will call it the GotBaddog Staples Holiday Fair until someone …

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