Torrance Annual Halloween Carnival

As I mentioned a couple months ago, I volunteered to help give the Torrance Rose Float Association (TRFA) some additional exposure to assist them in their fundraising efforts so the City of Torrance can be represented at the next Tournament of Roses Parade. A couple nights ago I heard that the TRFA needed volunteers to run their booth at the 2013 Torrance Annual Halloween Carnival, so Tanya stepped up to take care of their booth for a couple hours. Judging by the photos, she had as much fun as the kids playing the game. The City of Torrance no longer …

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Saturday at the Torrance Farmers Market

There has been a lot of healthy activity in our household lately, and not just Tanya’s miraculous change in her well-being; we have also recently released a book of juicing recipes, “Faces of Juicing, Visual Juicing Recipes.” When the book was released Tanya suggested that she wanted to go on a juice fast; I just tried to change the subject when she brought it up. Since Tanya has recently learned that most of her health issues appeared to be the result of a profound Vitamin B7 deficiency, otherwise known as Biotinidase Deficiency, she started taking Biotin a week ago and …

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Photos of the Torrance Centennial Birthday Bash

These photos are from the Torrance Centennial Birthday Bash which was held Sunday at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA. I have to say, this was a very fun family event that included arts and crafts, live music, games for the kids, food trucks, a petting zoo and culminated with the release of 100 doves and a parachutist team that came down with a centennial flag along with flags of Torrance, California, and an American flag. It was a beautiful day and those that took advantage of it seemed to have a great time. There seems to be some discrepancy as …

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