When I take Buddy for his walks, a good portion of the time he is off his leash. 98% of the people we run into are cool with it. Friday morning we entered Columbia Park at the same time as an elderly Japanese gentleman was getting out of his car. I guess it would be safe to say, Buddy may have startled him for a moment. He immediately recovered, and spoke two words, “happy dog.” I smiled and nodded in agreement.

We ended up walking the same path, with Buddy zipping in and out between us. The Japanese gentleman spoke once more. “Very happy dog.” I agreed and told him Buddy never met a day he did not like.

My photo of the day for day 281 is of Buddy, expressing his happiness the best way he knows how. Apparently he knew this day was going to have a happy ending.

Day 281 photo of the day
Very Happy Dog

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