The other day, my pregnant daughter-in-law made a comment about a photo she had seen of me on Facebook. In a not so subtle way, she suggested I was getting fat with a “sympathy belly.” It caused me to reflect back to when my two children were mere fetuses. I do not recall getting a sympathy belly back then, in fact, I went to the gym daily, so probably not much likelihood of that happening. I do remember the ultrasounds though. I figured there is no way I am about to grow a sympathy belly for my daughter-in-law, no matter how much I care for her, but I can do the next best thing.

My photo of the day for day 244 is of me, the technician and the ultrasound machine. I will start drinking heavily at night so I can wake up sick. This will be just like the first trimester, right?

Day 244 photo of the day

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