Significant Progress

Ever since I returned from Europe I had been forced to suck it up as far as the pain was concerned. I discovered I had another medical issue that would not be helped by my use of such pain killers as Ibuprofen. When the new doctor provided me with steroids and they were actually working, I was pretty elated. Last Sunday I had tried to carry a venti mocha from Starbucks back home. I was able to do it, but it was not easy. Today was my third day on the steroids and I pretty much felt invincible. Well, not …

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Starbucks Dinner

A few weeks ago I saw an ad on Facebook targeting Starbucks’ fans that lived in California. They were giving away coupons to try their new Artisan Snack Plates. Their offerings seemed to be on the healthy side and since I had not had dinner yet, Buddy and I decided to walk up to the local Starbucks and try it out. Since I was kind of hungry I went for the one that looked to be the most filling, the chicken and hummus on wheat flatbread. It was okay and probably better for me than a cinnamon swirl pastry, so …

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