Rocky Mountain High

Day 223 of my picture a day project, and day three of my ride to Sturgis. Today I rode from Grand Junction, through Denver and into Cheyenne, WY. The height of my journey would have to be the Eisenhower Tunnel, since it is above 11,000 feet. The down side was that the wind was so bad going out of Denver that it blew my helmet cam off. Really sucks as I had gotten some great videos. Oh well. This photo was taken shortly after I realized that I was no longer the owner of a helmet cam.

Grand Junction

Last night I rode to Mesquite, NV. I stopped in Henderson and met a friend for dinner. He then joined me for about 30 miles. It was the slowest I have ridden this entire trip (but worth it). I started the day off by riding through the Virgin River Gorge on I-15. That place is amazing. I used my helmet cam, so videos will be up after I get home. I happened to have a bug hit my lens with messed up 10 of my 30 videos. My day 222 picture of the day is what a guy looks like …

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Video of Generals Highway in Sequoia

Video of the climb up Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park. This was taken on my ride there last Sunday. It was very cool as every time I went around a turn you could see just how high the road was climbing, and it provided a spectacular view. While I would have enjoyed having my girlfriend with me, I have a feeling her fear of heights would have resulted in her fingernails being permanently embedded in either me or the back seat of the Limited. Filmed with a ContourHD helmet cam.

Riding in the Giant Forest

As I mentioned the other day, I took a ride on the new H-D Limited to Sequoia National Park. Besides being home to Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states, beautiful rivers and bears, you will also find some of the oldest and largest trees on the planet. This video, taken with my ContourHD helmet cam, is of my ride through the Giant Forest. I do recommend clicking the settings for 720 and full screen. It is a pretty amazing place.

National Veterans Mural

National Veterans Mural [adrotate group=”6″] West Los Angeles VA Center Last week, you may have seen the video I took of a mural at the VA medical center in West Los Angeles. I decided to submit it to CNN’s iReport, and they felt it was worthy enough to contact me in their vetting process to validate the video. They asked if I had additional photos, which I did, but only a couple and they were taken with my point and shoot, from my bike. Today I went back with my Canon Rebel and took some higher quality photos. [adrotate group=”1″]

When you least expect it

My son and I were headed up to Santa Barbara, when I noticed a problem with his bike around West LA. We were in a pretty lousy part of town to try and find a place to work on a motorcycle. Soon we came upon the wide open arms of the VA medical center, with ample parking out of the way of everyone. Daniel took care of his issue and we headed out. To get back on Wilshire we had to go under it. This is what we found. Do yourself a favor, use the full screen mode. I think …

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Headed into Santa Ynez

Headed up the 246 we leave Los Padres enter Santa Ynez and the Chumash Indian Reservation. Yes, there is a casino. No, we did not stop there. Maybe next time. If I do, I will be sure to do a review. hmmm, wonder if I can slide my helmet cam by security. Just kidding guys. Anyway, Daniel is on his Fat Boy and I am on the Electra Glide. Filmed with the ContourHD helmet cam.

Valentines Ride to Pt Fermin

February 14 and t-shirt weather in the South Bay, time for my Sunday ride. I took the Night Train out and headed for the hills. I ended up riding along the Palos Verdes coastline and wound up at Walker’s Cafe. As you can see by the video, many others were out taking advantage of our great Winter weather. You can see all my videos at Filmed with Contour HD helmet cam.

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