Lethal Combination

Some things just do not mix well. You know, cats and dogs, scotch and orange juice, things like that. I am reminded almost daily that I should not bring alcohol and fireworks to the park. That is okay, I can wait on the beer. My picture of the day for day 294 is a reminder to not mix alcohol and fireworks.

Video of 4th of July Fireworks Display

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in Indiana for the 4th of July holiday. With all apologies to Indiana residents, this place sucks in July. However, they have very liberal fireworks laws and that is enough incentive to make me consider the journey. Combine that with the fact that my girlfriend lives here, it is not too difficult a decision to make. When I fly in, the first stop is always the Phantom Fireworks in Chesterton. This video is of the final display of my 4th Annual Fireworks Show.

The 4th of July Indiana Style

Independence Day, 2010 [adrotate group=”6″] Got Web Host 4th Annual Independence Day Party Some kids never grow up, and when it comes to fireworks, I am a big kid. For the fourth consecutive year my girlfriend has thrown her Got Web Host barbecue and fireworks show, with me being responsible for the pyrotechnics. Here are a few photos from this year’s party. I would like to thank Phantom Fireworks for providing me with enough explosives to blow up a small neighborhood. In all the time I have been buying from Phantom, this is the first time I have ever gotten …

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July Picture of the Day Begins

We are only at the 4th Day of July, and already this month has been action packed. Let’s play a little catch-up on my picture of the day thus far. On Day 182 my friends took me out for an early birthday dinner at my favorite spot, Gu Gu Sushi and Roll. We then headed over to Hollywood Park to see Devo in concert. Really fun show and the price is great. If you live in the LA area you might want to check out the concert action at Hollywood Park. I was up bright and early the next day …

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